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Doing video stuff on Odysee

Date: 2023-08-02

I am throwing my little hat into the big pool of video makers. At the moment I will make videos about retro games and old school style games, on my Odysee channel. If everything goes well, and I like doing it, I will probably end up streaming too.

Why Odysee?

I didn't really want to make a google account to have a youtube account. I am not a fan of Google or Big Tech stuff, so I made a fresh account on Odysee.

Why retro?

This will be a short answer: I don't really like most of the modern games that come out today. I also don't have a gaming computer to play them, but even if I would have one, I wouldn't play them, because I think they are limited in gameplay, and feel. Just not for me overall.

Plus I really love old school games! You can call it nostalgia, but some of them would be "game of the year" candidates even today.

When do I start?

I don't have a starting date, cause I don't want to pressure myself. I will do this for fun, not for money or views. I still have to figure out recording and I want to start with a set of games, that I will surely play through, and not just abandon them after 3 videos. I will make sure that when I start, I will write a short post about it (subscribe to my RSS). Or just follow my Odysee channel, of course. ;)

Will I record/stream on Linux?

Yes! This is the OS that I am comfortable with, no reason to change.

Why "no cam"?

Because I would like to have the game in focus, not how I look. I am really not an attractive person, and it will be hard to speak as it is during gameplay. I think that's the right way to start for me. As I said, I don't want to pressure myself too much with this. Oh and don't expect some magical sound quality, my mic is not that good.

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