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Updated: 2023-02-28 - changed my RSS reader from Elfeed to Newsboat.

On this page I show you what kind of tech and software I use. I don't have a lot of money for stuff, and even I would have some money, I wouldn't spend it on tech. Honestly for a person growing up with computers, I am a pretty techless person.



Just a refurbished Lenovo ThinkCentre 92p. The only thing I added was an nVidia GT1030 card, instead of a very crappy Intel integrated one (HD 2000?). It works very well for what I need (web work, watching movies, and retro games).

E-book reader

Pocketbook Touch Lux 4, which is now three years old I think. Works really well, love the e-ink screen. Read many-many books on it in 2022, and I hope it will serve me well for the next several years.

Mobile phone

Samsung S5610, my trusty phone of 9 years, you can throw it, but it will not break. Screen is still clean. Sound is good, and it's important for me, as I mostly use it for call and music/podcast stuff. Supports 16 GB SD card, which is more than enough for my needs. It has a nice 5 MP camera, and that's much more than current dumbphones. I hope I don't have to switch anytime soon.


Operating System: Linux

I am currently using Slackware 15.0, which came out in 2022. Still one of the most satisfying distribution to use. After more than a decade I return to Slackware and it's like welcoming an old friend to your home. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a little bit of Linux or just getting rid of that virus, called systemd.

Window manager: I have changed my tiling wm to bspwm in early 2023. Still in the learning phase though. Check out the posts if you want to see how am I doing…

Utilities (terminal and text-based)

Terminal emulator: kitty.

File manager: lf, or mc (midnight commander). I use udiskie for automounting external drives.

Launcher, wallpaper setter: rofi, dmenu, chwall script with feh. I really like both dmenu and rofi, so I use it both.

Text editor and other stuff: Emacs.

Bookmark manager: buku or org-capture mode in Emacs.

RSS reader: Newsboat.

Download videos or mp3 from youtube: Youtube-dl - you can use it too view videos directly, with mpv

Music player: ncmpcpp and mpd, or Qmmp with original WinAmp skin.

Screen color temperature: sct

Utilities (graphical)

Web browser: Vivaldi

Video player: mpv (forever and ever)

Youtube: Freetube

Password manager: currently I am on paper, since my password database got corrupted. Don't know what to do at the moment…

Gaming stuff: I use GOG most of the time, but if it's not there Steam (Proton too). If I use Wine I create separate prefixes, or use Lutris, occasionally Dosbox. I use Heroic Launcher for Epic store games. For other games I use ScummVM.

Graphic editing: Inkscape and GIMP

Image viewer: sxiv

Bittorrent: Transmission, because I can't make rtorrent work.

This website doesn't track you. I don't use any javascript or other scripts. I don't store any information about the visitors. It's just pure old fashioned HTML and some CSS. Hosted on Neocities and created with Emacs.