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Fallout TV show criticism
"get that jelly out of here!"

Date: 2024-05-28

This is a collection of the Fallout TV show - at the time of this, season 1. From the moment the show came out, people hailed it as some kind of amazing show, that replicated the game series' success.

However the show got fair share of criticism from fans of the games and people who have never played the games as well.

Warning: this videos are often long, multiple hour pieces. You are free to listen and watch them in your own pace, nobody will be angry at you if you can't sit and listen (or run and listen) to an hour long video…



One of the best review of the show, purely from the consisteny point of view. Warning: your mind might be blown after watching it, and realizing how bad the Fallout show is.

When even friends can have a disagreement… I wish more people would do this.



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