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Date: 2024-06-28

As of May 2024, I started to play some old console classics via RetroArch. I was never really a fan of console games, but I still respect some of them.


I am using mainly RetroArch and PCSX2 at the moment, both are useful. I think RA is very week with PS2 games, and its PS2 core is still in alpha stage. I had no problem running some games with PCSX2. Same can be said about the Gamecube core, so definitely check out Dolphin. These are all open source software, runs natively on Linux.


Retro Achievements is a website that you can use with RetroArch and PCSX2 as well. The achievements are made by users, and you need to have an account logged in when you are playing. I would also check which versions of a game you have, because not every game might have an achievement. Like if you have normal RE2, you are better with the DualShock version, which has achievements.

It doesn't give you achievements retroactively.

Games I started playing

Gran Turismo 2 (1999, PSX)

This one I saw many people playing back in the day, and I was always fan of racing games.

Alien Resurrection

Resurrection is an odd one. I love the first 2 Alien movies, in fact I am sad that there is no more movies in the series. However due to my age, I only saw Resurrection in the cinema, which I found really 'meh'.

The game came out 3 years late, because of development hell, and by the time almost PS2 entered the gaming scene. Resurrection is really scarry, and as I heard it was one of the first game that utilized the control scheme for first person games on consoles. Yet at the time there were some major publications who laughed at it, and downright said: who the hell would play games this way?

Alien: Resurrection is ultra-hard game, unforgiving.

Resident Evil Remake (2002, Gamecube)

After some initial hurdle I managed to make it work. Amazing, how much work they have done with this remake.

Resident Evil 2 (1998, PSX)

The intro is so much better than in teh remake. Altough I have issues with Leon in the first shop. The owner didn't even close his shop, as Leon was free to enter. Then the owner with the shotgun, didn't notice the 3 zombies broke in the windows? But of course this is because you can take the shotgun (I remembered wrong), if you fight off the 3 zombies.

Fatal Frame (2000, PS2)

I only started this recently, so I will come back when I have more to say.

Games that's on my list

A backlog catalogue

Finished games

Silent Hill (PSX, 1999)

I heard this about for a long time. I started to play after I saw the latest Silent Hill 2 remake video, and luckily I have found a how-to on reddit. This is an absolute terrifying game, and I am enjoying it so far. The atmosphere is top-notch, the tension, the monsters, and the fact that we have a radio that detects monsters, but of course you have to use your ear to hear, where they are coming from.

The monsters are unique, and terrifying, sort of what would a nightmare look like in ones mind.

Silent Hill 2 (PC, Enhanced Edition, 2001)

It's amazing, how just in 2 years they made this game. It is not connected with the first game, and this is many people's favorite.

Resident Evil 2: Leon A scenario

I know this is just 1/4 of the game, but I still finished it. I am currently on Claire B of course.


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