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Don't worry, I'll never leave you!

Date: 2023-07-06

I know that I am not here lately much. I would really want to provide some answers, but the stuff I am going through right now is personal, and I am a private person anyway. One day maybe…

I just want you to know that I am not going anywhere. I will continue to blog, share my passion of Linux, gaming and other things through this website. I just can't function right now, and certainly not for writing regularly. Some post will pop up I am sure, here and there.

In fact I may try to create some videos about my favorite games. Which is weird, because I was always better in writing than in any verbal activity. I hate my voice, so even if I were making a video or live streaming something, I would say just a few words. Don't expect some fun, entertaining stuff from me.

Right now, I enjoy physical activities, like yoga and weightlifting and I recently changed my walking routine to a jogging/walking, which is weird, cause I never really liked running, in fact I hated PE, cause that's all what we do, running round and round… But something clicked a few days ago. And it's not like I live in a totally flat city. Where I go out, there is no flat surface at all, ups and downs everywhere. I just know that each day I am waiting for to do it, and I genuinely enjoy this one hour of jogging and walking.

Without these physical exercises I couldn't keep my mental health in check. Since I am pretty consistent nowadays, I also feel some physical changes inside and outside. That's a nice plus, I think. :)

It's funny that I write this today, just after I disabled both twitch and discord accounts, making all the social sites access to 0. Sometimes all noise and activities online is just too much for me. The past 2 years I made many longer breaks, even went as far as deleting an 8 year old account a few years ago. What's interesting today is that my last break was around March-April, so it wasn't long ago. And at the time I spent a week in Germany, where I actively avoided internet altogether. So this new break came pretty fast for me.

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