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Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six, without a doubt is one of my all time favorite game series. I probably spent hundreds of hours between og Rainbow and Rogue Spear and its expansion packs. I own Tom Clancy's book too.

I have recently found a Rogue Spear mod that let's you play all of the og Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear campaigns. An amazing work of upgrade.

This mod is barely a GB big and holds every level ever made for these games, including Take Down, a campaign which was only released in South Korea. Tons of features and bug fixes.

Download Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0 mod

What's amazing is that it runs well on Linux too, I used a simple 32-bit Wine prefix (used wine-staging). Just installed it and play it, without needing to do any tweak. According to the modder, this version on works on Windows 10 too.

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