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Last updated: 2021-05-08

Outlaws is a first person shooter in a western setting, made by LucasArts in 1997. The game is about a classic western story, with well animated cutscenes, great voice acting (still to this day I can quote lines), great level design and gameplay. It has atmosphere that can make people replay this game even after 20 years.

If you want a taste, here is the intro:

It's a standard first person shooter, with many weapons, useable items like lamp, shovel, medbags, etc. Paired with excellent level design (should I say environment design), as we go through cities, trains, canyons to get revenge.

It uses a modified Dark Forces engine, with mouse look and jumping added. While the graphics is dated (even back at the time, with Quake release a year earlier), but it has atmosphere as it uses a cartoon style graphics, and wonderful music.

Where to buy?

Outlaws is available on GOG and on Steam. I recommend GOG, since it has an offline installer, which you can make backup of, and you can install it without internet connection.

How to run on Linux?

It's pretty easy to do with the GOG version, you just use the adamhm script. You might need some additional things to install, but if you follow the instructions, you can easily install it.

For Steam, you can probably use Steam Proton.

Useful sites

Cheat codes

There are many cheat codes for the game to give us advantage, or skip levels. You just have to type the code normally, not in the menu or anything. They are not case sensitive!

  • God mode: OLIMYELLA - you become invulnerable. Type it again if you want to become mortal.
  • All weapons: OLPOSTAL - you unlock all the weapons and modes (for example scope for rifle), and gives you full ammo too.
  • Infinite ammo: OLASH - you will have unlimited ammo, and you don't need to reload.
  • All items: OLJACKPOT - it gives you all the key items on a level, except medbags and pen.
  • Fly like an eagle: OLAIRHEAD - you can fly. Up with Jump, and down with crouch.
  • Jetpack: OLSHADOWS - you can use an imaginary jetpack.
  • Infinite lamp oil: OLGUSHER - unlimited oil for lamp.
  • Auto reload: OLWIMPY - this automatically reloads weapon, however it only works, if you have ammo.
  • Running with the g gun: OLSTINNETT - you can run around with the gutling gun.
  • Detailed map: OLCDS - it shows enemies and items on the map.
  • Full health: OLER - it gives you full health.
  • 3 heart: OLMORERX - it gives you 3 heart for health.
  • 1 heart: OLRX - it gives you one heart for health.
  • Little oil: OLOPEC - add little oil for your lamp.
  • Cloak: OLETHER - few seconds of invisibility.

Cheat codes for skipping level

OLHIDEOUT Level 1: The Hideout OLTOWN Level 2: The Town OLTRAIN Level 3: The Train OLCANYON Level 4: The Canyon OLMILL Level 5: The Sawmill OLSIMMS Level 6: Simms' Fort OLMINER Level 7: The Mine OLCLIFF Level 8: The Cliff Dwellings OLRANCH Level 9: Bob's Ranch


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