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Dungeon Keeper page

dkeeperboxart.png Dungeon Keeper is a real-time strategy game, more precisly a god game from 1997, where we play the bad side for once. Building dungeons, killing heroes and conquering the underworld! With Dungeon Keeper FX you can have a better gameplay with widescreen resolution and other cool things!

Dungeon Keeper 2 is the sequel with upgraded graphics and features.

There is also a mobile game, which you should avoid at all costs. I didn't play it, as I don't have a smartphone or tablet, but what I read, it's a really bad game.

Note: I play Dungeon Keeper only on a Linux PC, so if you are using Windows, I can't help you with it. DK runs perfectly on my computer with the KeeperFX mod with Wine.

What's next?

I want this page to be an easy database to reach the best Dungeon Keeper stuff. This page is currently under development.

  • I want to make a thorough guide for installation under Linux, that anyone can use.
  • Add images from the game, that I screenshoted myself, using KeeperFX
  • make a cool background image

Where to buy Dungeon Keeper?

Both games in the series is available from GOG: Dungeon Keeper Gold and Dungeon Keeper 2.

This version has some extras, like the manual (very useful), artworks, avatars and wallpapers. For DK 2 it has the manual and a level editor.

I recommend GOG, because it has a built in Dosbox if you are on a Windows PC, and if you are using Linux it's easily installable due to the game age (older games works better with Wine). You can also archive your install files and it makes it transferable to other computers, since it has no DRM.


Keeper Klan is a well known community forum, where people share stuff and help each other to run mods.

While I doesn't like using it, here is the Dungeon Keeper discord.

Dungeon Keeper subreddit. It's not really active, but still exist. I recommend to use the KK forum.

Keeper FX

From the github page:
KeeperFX is an extensive mod for Dungeon Keeper. It is written by fans and not supported by original developer. It contains some of original Dungeon Keeper data, but many files are also modified or remade.

Download it from KeeperKlan forum, click on the +Download green button. It requires you to have 7zip to extract it.


Dungeon Keeper Wiki This is the biggest and best resource about the game, with tons of information about creatures, maps, game mechanics, etc.

Maps and tools: Lubiki's page of Dungeon Keeper maps and tools. Awesome resources for user made maps, and there are plenty of documentation if you want to create your own maps.

How to install Dungeon Keeper on Linux?

Coming soon…(tm)


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