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This page is for some of thoughts that I don't want to publish on social media, sort of my own anti-social network, since there is no fancy UI, or the able to reply fast and angry. Look at this as sort of a microblog.

If you want to reply you can do that: writer13 at posteo dot net. I may not reply though, accept that.

I will share stories and links here. No RSS, just a simple page. Don't worry this page will never go away, you'll always find it here!

Random quotes

youtube, leanbeefpatty interview, comment:

"As an older person in my 50's I have friends my age that say to me, "if I was young again and I new what I know now how much better I would be". And I say to that, No. It doesn't work that way. You wouldn't be the person you are today if you didn't go through life making mistakes, making good decision, bad decisions, immaturity, being afraid. These are all the things that mold us and make you who you are today. And I will continue to make good and bad decision in my 50's to the day I die. Being a little worried is not always a bad thing. It guides us, pushes us. It can bring the best out of you or the worst out of you. Do the best you can. Be good to yourself so you can be good to others and to the world. When you are good to the world the world will be good to you."

youtube, relationships, unhealthy habits, comment:

"Dude, I just want someone to exist along side. Just want a partner to walk through life with. Maybe a hug."


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A bonfire as good as the story you tell, around it. Then the fire stays with you forever, with all the memories of people and the conversation.


Star Wars is gay now

According to the Acolyte showrunner, former personal assistant of Harvey Weinstein,


Bullet Train

I don't know why I didn't watch this movie earlier. Bloody good action movie! I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Good thing I didn't watch it during the night, cause I 'd have woken up the whole house,hehe.


Posts I am late with

  • Brothers - May 10th
  • Renfield - May 11th
  • Guy Ritchie's The Covenant - May 12th

I bought a LEGO castle

It's not here yet (hopefully on Monday or Tuesday), but yesterday evening I bought the LEGO Creator Medieval Castle (31120). It was 30% off where I live, and it was such a nice deal, that I just couldn't miss spending on my little spare money on it. I always wanted a castle as a kid, but with two older brother who already had bunch of Lego, I really didn't have a chance. I can't wait for it to build it, and play with it. Sadly it doesn't come with many minifigurines, but I may buy some next week when I have my annual health check up. I still need to find a good place for it, but I have one or two ideas. I am just happy that I get this one!


Behind on my writing

I know that I am behind of the daily movie reports.


Vivaldi 6

I only installed Vivaldi 6 browser yesterday, and I am experimenting its workspace feature. I like the simplicity, however when I am using vertical tabs, and the workspace switch is on the top, I don't see, which workspace I am currently on (NOTE: this is only true if your currently used tabs are not on a workspace, my bad). I hope devs fix this soon. The idea is really, you don't have to use windows just to create topics or whatnot. It's extra nice, that we can hibernate an entire workspace. I currently have more than 300 tabs, so it comes in handy if I don't want to use certain topics. As usual we can create shortcuts for workspaces. You can also disable workspaces if you don't want to use it, but at least the possibility is there.

I am just sad, that Firefox is lacking a decade behind in web browser development… Maybe less politics and focusing on one product would be nice.


Am I a video game collector now?

Last week I got another GOG email, with a very good offer for Star Wars games. I love those old games, so I bought some, like Episode I Racer, Empire at War, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Lego Star Wars Complete Saga (not the new Disney one), Force Unleased. Outside of Jedi Academy and Racer, I never played any of them. The prices were good too. I haven't played any games for a long time, certainly not this year. So I just become a video game collector. Still important though, preserving digital history is hard, since we moved from physical mediums to 100% digital. Offline installers working the same way, just as well as 10 years ago.

Although I might as well I go back to playing video games, since it is childish, right Matt Walsh? I mean I wanted to re-play Spec Ops: The Line again, maybe finishing Bioshock 2 DLC, and other games. They are so childish…


Holly shit, I have watched the "Fall"

What an amazing movie about climbers. I start to calm down of this near 1,5 hour long experience. I wrote my opinion about it too. This new movie projekt, watching something every day, might just work out (too early to tell though).


Using light themes

I have been using light themes for the past month, almost everywhere. I like it so far, I feel like it is much better for my eyes at the moment. In the evenings I am using sct, which is a small utility to set up screen color temperature. I am currently searching for a good light theme for Emacs


Lifting again

Today, after about 1,5 months, I am doing weights again. After arriving home Monday evening, during the long travel one of my though was to get back to weight training, and today was the first day when I felt good enough to do some. I will slowly get back to it, I won't rush it. I am just happy that I actually did it today. And I feel better definitely. Getting my conidence back, little by little. I will write about my trip to Germany, what I did there in a real post, soon (tm).


More than one week without socials

I am still alone, but with less distraction I see more clearly, I have less weight (not physically, but mentally). I feel more free, as my mind is less occupied with so many useless stuff that other people's share. I also shared so many useless stuff too, so I added to this problem too. If I have time I will definitely write more in details.

Although it maybe just because I also eat less sugary stuff, in fact I haven't eaten anything in the past 10-12 days. I feel the effect of it, and sleep much better too. These changes are totally new to me, since I also gave up coffee at last days of 2022. I am still at the beginning of the path, but I am enjoying it, without overstressing what's next.

Dating a bi-sexual as a straight person, must be a nightmare

I thought about this scenario, I am a straight person, and it would be a nightmare to date somebody who is bi-sexual. Constantly looking out not just for guys, but women who look at your partner. Not in a jelous way, but a "just in case" way. After all she would have twice as many options. I don't know if it's a weird thought, just popped into my head, while watching a streamer, who is bi.

Not that I have a partner, or desire to have one, at the moment.


Do we need a file manager?

I just saw Benjamin Hollon's excellent post about You don't need a file manager. It's a terminal focused blog, very much recommended if you want to learn stuff. He goes through the essential commands and even offers alternative file managers. Personally I prefer lf for my needs, I can see it more, and don't need to keep in my head some of the things I do. You can even extend its knowledge, as lf is very barebone anyway.


See you in May!

Hey! Good news! You won't have to visit this website until May, since after next week I won't be at home for a week, and I may take another week off after 25-26th. I will go to a totally different country, will help one of my brother with some work stuff. Won't be near much computer, so good time to recharge my human battery. I knew this for a while now, quiet a big change for me. I hope this experience will be positive for me. I will still post microblog stuff until the 16th.


Few ASMR-tists I like

Right now I don't want to write a full post about my favorite ASMR people, so here are some of them. I like traditional ASMR, so not the ones you see on twitch (majority are stupid earlicking, which is not really relaxing at all). ASMR Glow, asmr august, Mad P ASMR, Ozley ASMR, The MashaKata, THe French Whisperer ASMR, Made in France ASMR.

Note, that I am not French, but I like the accent, and they are great visual ASMR-tists.


I don't understand some streamers, Hogwarts Legacy boycott and Blizzard

I have to say it's weird to watch them sometimes. Some people boycotted Hogwarts Legacy, because of JK Rowling, who did not have any involvement in the game. But those same streamers have no problem to stream Diablo 4 beta for multiple days, and never saying that "hey Blizzard is shitty company, I won't play and stream their games." At least the Blizzard thing would have been understandable. It's a shitty company for the last few years. Now you would say: don't you want them to redeem themselves? I think that ship sailed, long time ago.


Incidents can happen

So I love my shaker, but I didn't close the bottle and I spill drink over my keyboard. Even 2 years ago I would have reacted differently. I would get angry, panicked, and the world is ending. It's a nice keyboard, and this never happened to me. But what I did, surprised me. I knew what I had to do. Disconnect keyboard, get a papertowel to clean the keyboard, and then I get my hairdryer to dry the keyboard. It's not an open keyboard and keys have not much space between them, so now it dries in the open air on my balcony.

Meanwhile I am typing this on my previous keyboard, and I already feel my right hand. It's the nice Microsoft 600 keyboard, but harder to type on after the Cherry Stream. Plus in the last 2-3 weeks I am having trouble in my right lower arm. Otherwise it's really nice to type on.


Beau is Afraid (trailer)

I only discovered this now via youtube. Main character is Joaquin Phoenix, whose work I love, brilliant actor. I just wish he would play some in more positive and uplifting roles. Looks like it will be in cinema, when I won't be at home, so it would be lucky to see it.


Happy 25th, Starcraft!

One of the most influental RTS ever made, was 25 on March 31st. I totally missed it, cause I don't keep a calendar with my favorite games on it. SC was very much one of the first RTS that become an esports legend.

How to publish microblog?

I am thinking about the best way to publish this short thoughts here. Do I write and publish it after I finished with each thought. OR I publish at the end of the day, all shorts at once? Will see, how it goes. I won't be here the second half of the month anyway.

April is here

Yesterday I didn't have much time to go through the net for some nice April Fools jokes, and I won't do it now. In fact I enjoyed this week, despite I was going on foot half the time, and was really tired by the end of the day.


My pronouns

Inspired by the pokemon player, who got DQ because of one nervous laugh at pronouns. On my good days, my pronouns are haha/hehe, on any other day chestburster/facehugger. Please respect my choices, otherwise you are just a hamster sized bigot. xD


"Champions", a fun sports movie full of lovable retards

See, I already freely use the r word, without limitations, because I am not on social media! Anyway I think it's a really lovely sportsmovie (and as usual it's not about sports), with Woody Harrelson. Apparently the original movie is Spanish, which I haven't seen, but I liked this one. I think it's time for me to rewatch "White man can't jump". :)

State of the internet

Not just social media. It's sad about today's internet that there is rarely a middle ground. Everything is about the extreme, and everything can be politicized.

The internet used to be a chill place, but that was like the 90s internet, until about 2002? It become mainstream, and now everybody is shouting their own truth, disregarding some of the universal truth that really can't be changed (a woman will be never a man, and a man will never be a woman, no matter what they do to their body).

In the English part of the internet people try to rewrite the language. which is really similar what Orwell wrote about in "1984".


I am trying out Minds

This will be my last week on fedi, and suddenly I had a though: what if I try out Minds (again)? So, I quickly registered: see my page. I don't know how long I will use it, or how frequent I will post, as I aim to reduce my computer time this year. Still, I might discover some fun people there.

Do I still fast?

I haven't written about fasting lately, and I just want to say that I still do intermittent fasting. I don't eat breakfast, and sometimes I eat only one meal a day, but mostly only two. For weightloss, what really worked for me is alternate day fasting, which means that I ate two meal one day, the next day I didn't eat anything. I think this is even better than just do a weekend fast, or a 7 day fast. You don't go crazy, and you can do it without much planning.


Diablo IV? Pass?

The last time I was really into Diablo, was the very first one. Diablo II was just, I don't know I just didn't like the look of it. After that I forgot about Diablo almost completely, I played other Blizzard games like StarCraft, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Diablo IV looks amazing, but why would I play a game from a shitty company that burned me so many times? I understand some streamers and youtubers who play the open beta, cause it's their job to try things and report about it. But still, I think Diablo IV is more boycott worthy than Hogwarts Legacy.

I am so over mechanical keyboards

Seriously. I think most of the stuff just way overpriced now and doesn't give much back. Sound? Who cares? Just don't use the frakking blues or similar. Also, I think people are still in love with the cherry mx clones for some reason. I occasionally still watch Chyrosran22, because his voice is awesome, not to mention how he names the non-metric stuff, those are pretty funny. I don't understand people obsession with minimalist keyboards, like 60-65% ones, that might look nice and small, but when you need 2 more keys to use a normal shortcut, you might want to rethink the whole thing. I can accept that you use Fn keys for media, brightness, etc. But for to press F1-F12, or Insert, Home, etc., that's just too much for me.

I am still using the my Cherry Stream TKL membrane keyboard. Really nice to type on, and silent enough.


I am the anti-social weirdo

I don't have a smartphone or a tablet. I don't have social media, like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. I don't watch streaming service stuff, because most of the their own stuff is garbage material (except a few things). I am the total weirdo now, that I want to have some privacy and peaceo of my mind, because I don't subscribe to dopamine buckets…


Don't buy Lego just because it's cool

I like the Speed Champions line up, although I only have one car from it currently. I looked at the new ones, which are out so far in 2023, and I only like one of them, the Nissan Skyline. The others are looking meh, or doesn't really connect with them all. I am not really a hypercar fan anyway. But I won't collect them, just because the price is good, or trendy or whatever. If I don't feel the connection, I just won't buy it. I bought this little technic motorcycle for Christmas and it still in front of me after 3 months, standing on my monitor leg. I just love the whole thing, and sometimes I even play with it. Just nice to look at.


What will be my next Casio?

I think after a year and a half, it's time for me to expand my watch collection. I am writing a post about potentional candidates.

Yoga Joy

Yesterday was the 13th month that I am doing yoga, and it didn't cross my mind at all. I never really counted the days, but I always remember the 20th day of the month. I am just happy that I could found something that I like doing. Yes, it healed parts of my body, and it helps my mind many times, but I really feel the joy doing it. It's like I am in another dimension of my life. Hard to describe it, better if you do it. Yoga Joy with Adriene


Well, this one is silly FIA

So Alonso got his 3rd place back after Aston Martin appealed about the rules. Instead of trying to explaining this shit, here is a nice video about it: The strange F1 rule conflict that saved Fernando Alonso’s podium.


FIA is bored during a race, here is the evidence

For the majority of the race they could have review Alonso in the box, but of course they had to take away his third place after the ceremony. Dear FIA, you had tons of time to review. This would be equal to, if in a football game one team scores, wins the game, then 5 minutes after the match they review the goal, and disallow it. Oh and just because you touch the car, doesn't mean you modify it, and you won't get any advantage with it. If I want to be a conspiracy theorist, I might say that Mercedes give them a little nice brown envelope.

Disabled twitch and discord

As much as I love spending time in some of the twitch channels with really nice people, I think it's time for me to fly away, and take a few weeks or even months off. To be honest most of the time I feel that my values and the age gap between me, and most of the people there are huge, even if I spend time mostly in older streamers.

Yoga to Feel your Best

It's morning, time for some yoga! I won't be home for most of the day, and after one day of not doing it in the morning, I really need a nice morning yoga. Staying up late, really screwed me over, will never do it again. It takes me several days to come back from it. Anyway, let's go onto the mat!


Fill Your Cup Yoga

Yesterday I had too much black tea, so my entire evening and night was screwed. I couldn't go to sleep up till 2. In the morning I was tired, and I didn't have energy to do even a 10 minute yoga. I had my usual nap after lunch, and then I waited until 17, to do a yoga. I choose Filly Your Cup, and I am glad I did. It was 20 minutes, nothing fancy but still made me smile at the end. After all, the hardest thing is to show up, and do what you have to do, but after it, it just feels right.

Terminal Velocity on GOG?

Terminal Velocity was one of my favorite games back in the day. It a futuristic combat flight sim basically. I even played it in multiplayer, if I remember correctly. I just saw that it has a recent re-release on GOG in a form of a remaster. As almost always, you will get the original game too. According to GOG page: "It uses the original software renderer of the game to draw the graphic as it was released, just with enhancement for widescreen support." - Which is really nice to see. I am tired of remakes, when we have perfectly good games. Just upgrade the graphics a little, make it run better on modern hardware and OS, and we are ready to go. You will certainly not see non-binary toilets in this game!


Yoga - March 17th

After the last few days of quiet lazy yoga, I went something more difficult: 20-Minute Intermediate Power Yoga, but I loved it overall, and I highly recommend this for anybody, who is doing yoga for at least a few months.

Writing again

I don't want to jinx it, but in the last two days, I wrote some blog posts. Not even short ones. I don't know what I will write about tomorrow, but I actually like writing again. Let's just take this, one day at a time…


Size does matter in the terminal

I don't know if this is just an age thing, but I also started to use bigger fonts in terminal, and in Emacs too. More readable, and easier to find things than with 10-12 pixel fonts. Here's Matthias Geniar's post about it.



I have used elfeed for a long time for RSS, but over time I had many problems with it. Yesterday evening I finally make it work again on Slackware, and now I am importing and sorting my favorite stuff for reading, listening and watching. I love it so far, I didn't remember it to be this customizable. A more detailed post will come this week.



Just wanted to share this this awesome youtube channel. If you are a fan of tiling window manager and/or Artix/Void distros, check it out: Jake@Linux

Hogwarts Legacy: Aba and Preach (or Apple & Peach?) take

This game is already in the history books at least in the modern sense (twitch viewership, sales numbers), but because of this stupid controversy around it. Look, nobody will die because you play a video game, and you are not transphobic. A&P had a nice video about it, pretty funny how idiotic is the whole situation is. Boycotting is silly, cause there are so many things we can boycott, then we wouldn't use anything. Also, I hope they keep making fun of Hasan, cause that guy is the biggest hypocrit on this planet.

The game btw, looks fun. I think people who liked this universe will be happy as it is very atmospheric, what I have seen.



Uncle Roger is right, White Rice Matter, you don't need to complicate cooking, really. > link (also, who knew that Uncle Roger, is riceist? :sadface:)


"You don't need cheese, you need Jesus."

Said Uncle Roger > Link

Killcount for Hogwarts Legacy…

Updated kill count for how many people have died because of gamers playing Hogwarts Legacy > link from Melonie Mac

Elite for Emacs?

I haven't played the original version of the game, or even Dangerous, but I know that it's a cultic like game. Recently I found this blog post, which is now seven years old, about Elite for Emacs (github link). I don't know if this still works, but worth a try.

I brough back microblog

Cause I feel that the internet is increasingly a not fun place to be. We have less and less places where we can be just ourselves, no matter if we want to be serious or just writing and sharing jokes with others. Never mind big corporations constantly on our ass, what we write, we have to look out for independent media as well. This is the sad state of the internet, with increased censorship, and I urge everyone to have their own place - if you want to.


First month is almost over

My book reading project is going well. For health I can't really complain, I used to be in a much worse shape. I just wish we go back to normal life. When we could see people's faces, their emotions. I wish I could smile at people, and they would see it.


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