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How to watch sub-only Twitch videos in your browser?

Created: 2024-06-23

Sometimes we just ran out of money, and the prices won't go down anymore for Twitch subs. Here is the solution if you want to watch sub-only VODs on Twitch. This works for both Chromium and Firefox based browsers.

TwitchNoSub extension

Go to Github page, and check out what you need. On the releases page, you can see the extension you need to download.

For Firefox: you need to download the .xpi file, drag and drop the file on Firefox, and then click on "add". You can enable it for private window too, if you want.

For Chromium: this is a little bit more complicated. What I do is, download the file, extract it somewhere. Then in your browser click on menu, and then Extensions. Here you need to enable Developer mode, then click on Load unpacked. You then need to select the unpacked directory and click Open. You will see TwitchNoSub in your extension list.

You don't need to restart your browser for the extension to work. Works pretty reliably.


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