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Nyxt browser white page fix
it also helps with video playback

Date: 2024-04-08

I have recently started to use Nyxt browser in a hope that one day it can be my full-time browser. However I still have problem to fix. One that I got solved is when the browser starts up with a totally white page. You can only see white, not even the bottom UI part visible.

The solution I have found is basically turning off the compositor for the browser. Put this line in your ~/.config/nyxt/config.lisp file:

(setf (uiop/os:getenv "WEBKIT_DISABLE_COMPOSITING_MODE") "1")

After restarting the browser, it works again. Interestingly it helps with Youtube and Twitch video playback as well (these are the sites I have tested with), before that I could hear the video, but there was a green canvas over it.

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