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How to download images from Instagram on Linux?

Updated: 2020-09-15

Recent changes in the past year or so, made the Instagram website unusable for people - like me - who doesn't have an account. Literally you can't click on images and see the big version, if you are not registered.

You can use bibliogram to see public profiles and see pictures, which is nice, and indeed very useful. I also recommend the Privacy Redirect extensions for Chromium and Firefox based browsers, which redirects instagram accounts to bibliogram instances (among other social sites).

How to download instagram images?

However what happens when you want to download images of an entire account? On Linux we are lucky, we have a utility, called instalooter. This python utility works from the command line, and really simple to use.

We need to install pip (which is a package management system for software written in python). This can have different names, depending on your distribution, so search for it and install.

After that, go to your favorite terminal and install instalooter with sudo for all users:

$ sudo pip install instalooter

This will take care of all dependencies.

If you want to install it for only you, then use this command, without sudo:

$ pip install --user instalooter --pre

After installation, you have some options, according to the github page.

But here is what I used:

$ instalooter user itdoesnttastelikechicken samthevegan

This will download the user "itdoesnttastelikechicken" into the "samthevegan" directory, where you executed the command.

If you need a specific post, check their github page for the options.

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