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Thief: Deadly Shadows - Robbing the Cradle, first impressions

Date: 2023-07-22

The last few days I have returned to play Thief Deadly Shadows, the third part of the excellent Thief trilogy, after 2 years of break. I don't remember why originally left this playthrough, but as I got back into it, it made me smile. I find Deadly Shadows an excellent stealth game. While at release it had many problems, due to technical limitations of console hardware and the Unreal engine itself (being the first console version of the series), the fan made patch called Sneaky Upgrade elevated the game further into the pantheon of stealth games. Which of course would not have been possible, if the original didn't have a solid base. More on that in an upcoming post of mine…

After many nights playing this week, tonight I have finally reached the gates of Shalebridge Cradle. It is one of the most famous Thief level ever made, and somehow in the past 19 years I have managed to not spoil it for myself. Yes, I saw some bits here and there, but nothing major, and of course it's easy to forgot it, if the game is not in front of you all the time.


Shalebridge Cradle, first impressions…

Without major spoilers, there is a person after us, and important information can be found about her at the Shalebridge Cradle, a former mental asylum and orphanage. Throughout the series we heard bits and pieces here and there about this spooky place, and let's just say, this is not really a tourist attraction.

From the first moment of looking up and seeing this huge, dark, erie place, I knew this is not just a hype of gamers of almost the last 2 decades, but truly something special.

Uncharacteristically of me, I instantly found a side door into the building, where our old friend waited for me: darkness. Unlike the games' other places, the Cradle is mostly black and night blue, creating a haunting atmosphere, paired with amazing sound effects of crying, weeping, head banging on door. I swallow and going further into the building, trying to be brave and not thinking about reaching for the escape key. Finally, I am here, and I am as terrified and as excited, not knowing what I will encounter at the next corner…

Shalebridge Cradle as a horror level especially works, since - unlike The Dark Project - Deadly Shadows doesn't have much spooky or horroristic aspect of it, so when a place like this comes, you will be absolutely terrified. Even the intro video, when Inspector Drept (video, SPOILER) speaks about it, the hair went up on my spine, thinking about, what might coming next.

I just started with this place, and I can't wait every night to return to discover more of its secret…

Note: here are some screenshot about the place (SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY). I didn't want to show it, in case you haven't been there: cradle1 cradle2 cradle3 cradle4 cradle5

I used the minimalist setup of Sneaky Upgrade, that's why the UI look the way it does. It's more like the first 2 games.


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