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Terminator: Resistance - What a game!
Terminator universe done right

Date: 2024-03-22

Terminator: Resistance is a loveletter to the Terminator fans. Ever wondered what it's like being in the Future War? Which we only had seen briefly in the movies (sans Salvation, which was good, but didn't perform well enough for a sequel)


We play as Jakob Rivers, a private in the Resistance, lead by John Connor. After witnessing a new Terminator model - called infiltrator - our goal is to find a division of the Resistance and get the word to Commander Baron about this new model. Infiltrators, looks like humans and very hard to tell the difference.

On the way, we find survivors and become friends with them or not, depending what we decide. Yes, conversations have meaning, there are many human stories, and the people we talk to remember things. While the facial animations are not that good, the voice acting is good, and since this is an indie studio, I have no problem with that. I would take this over Starfield for sure.

[Gameplay trailer]

Talking about survivors, there are options for romance, and it's also depends on your choices. They are also clearly marked in dialogue options, so if you are not comfortable with it, it's your decision. Don't worry though the scenes are PG-13.

The atmosphere is absolutely spot on. Early on we have to sneak around, hide many times when we have barely any guns. In fact we met T-800s first time, and it's freightening when they are close, and you can see them while they are patrolling.


The whole world is in ruins, there are barely any building that left untouched by the war, that is now going on for 2 decades. Humanity is still standing.

Beside of the usual weapons of handgun, Uzi, M16 and shotgun, we can get our hands on some plasma guns as well. From that point it is easier to deal with most terminators, but they can be still trouble if they are in groups.


In order to survive we have to look around for resources, bullets and cells. We can craft almost anything, although not right away. There is a very barebone skill system, which we can use to learn new stuff. Lockpicking and hacking are 2 skills that helps us getting inside restricted areas. Backpack can be expanded so we can carry more. Crafting can be important on the battlefield, you can craft items at tables, but there are many.

To get more experience, unlock the Fast learner perk, which gives you extra xp. There are 9 skills in three categories that can shape your playstyle. Stealth works surprising well, the indicator is clear when we are getting discovered, and when we are safe.

It truly felt like in the movie, fighting against Skynet, fighting against the odds. I enjoyed every minute of it, the missions are varied, and it helps that that we have different types of enemies, even at terminator level, never mind giant robots and even tanks, and of course the legendary flying Hunter-Killer.

The sounds are excellent, and the music is just next level. They reworked the well known Terminator theme, and expanded on it. It adds to the atmosphere so much that I almost replayed the final battle after finishing the game, just because the music was so good during it! It felt like really everything is on the line.

There are many easter eggs, and things that adds to the terminator mythos that I am not going to spoil here. I love this game, simple because I felt I was there, in the future. It's not just about shooting robots, but taking care of people as well.

Sneaking through a hospital building, full of T-800s, to save people is one of the most terrifying gaming moment for me. Even though we have glasses that helps seeing through objects, it is still horrifying seeing these terminators walking around, searching, hunting for humans.

The AI might not look much, but there were instances when T-800 "camped" around me, and I had wait patiently behind cover to make my next move. Literally when I thought it is going away, it just turned around and looked more. In fact we danced around stacked crates, which was guarded by a sentry gun in a corridor, that was the reason I couldn't just move out of the era.

The main story is excellent, and they expanded on it with the "Annihilation Line" DLC. Many times I feel like that DLCs are just afterthought, but here this is a great addition of the story, and characters. I also think that if Annihilation Line would be part of the main story, it would drag a little bit. But with a separate story it is perfectly told.

The developers also made an Infiltrator mode, where we can play as a infiltrator model. And for free! How cool is that! I think what's also impressive that this is a complete single player Terminator experience. In any other case the publisher would demand a multiplayer segment, which would be just a half baked something, because you have a small developer team, and you would just stretch them even more.

And this is why - for me - Terminator: Resistance is one of the best first person shooter in recent years. A rare gem that doesn't get enough recognition, and relies on word of mouth, instead of a giant marketing machine. Almost like we, the fans, are the resistance in this shitty gaming world of overpriced and overhyped games, that will be forgotten. If you look at main review sites, almost all of them did not like it, while the fans are raving, because it hit the spot for so many of us.

Teyon is a small, Polish developers group and they did an excellent job to bring the Terminator story into our screen. It is not even funny how much they understood this world, while the creator of the movies shit on his own creation with "Dark Fate". In the same year. It's almost poetic.

It was also weird that I don't remember why I didn't check Resistance out back then. It's not like 2019 was a long time ago. Interestingly my potato machine wouldn't be able to handle it anyway. Now that I have a slightly upgraded potato machine, I can play it on medium detail with a decent framerate, and I am very happy with it. It was one of my most memorable gaming experience in my life, and I already started playing on hard difficulty (first time was on normal), just to see how different it is (worth the note it will overwrite your save, so you want to back them up).

Teyon since did another movie based game, RoboCop Rogue City, and it was similarly praised by fans of that movie. Unfortunately since I can't really run Unreal Engine 5 games on my potato machine, I need to wait for a while before I can play it. Luckily I am a patient gamer…

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