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Emacs useful shortcuts

So, this page will have the most frequent and useful Emacs shortcuts for ME! I have to emphasis this since many people use Emacs for many different things. I like writing in Emacs, and occasionally reading too.

I highly recommend doing the Emacs help/tutorial thing, before you dive in. It has some basics in it, that I probably won't repeat it here.

Last update: 2020/06/11 - added key to switch between split buffers.

File operations

C-x k You can kill the current buffer (just hit Enter), or any buffer.

C-x C-f Find (or Open) buffer.

C-x C-s Save the current buffer.

C-x C-w Save the current buffer with a new name. Basically a save as function.

C-x 0 If you have multiple buffer open in a window (split), you can close the given buffer with this, and the split space also closes.

Text operations

M-w Copy the selected text to clipboard.

C-w Cut the selected text to clipboard.

C-y Paste text from the clipboard.

Splitting windows

C-x 3 Split the window horizontally.

C-x 2 Split the window vertically.

C-x 0 Delete the actual split.

C-x 1 Delete other split you are not in.

C-x o Switch between splits.

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