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Markdown editing and HTML preview in Emacs with flymd

One of the best thing about Emacs, that you can extend it's capabilities really well. I love writing in markdown and I use Emacs for that. Sometimes I want to see the text live that I am writing in a more readable way, than just markdown.

I recently discovered flymd. You can find it in MELPA.

M-x package-install RET flymd

After that you open your markdown file

M-x flymd-flyit

And it will open it in your default browser window. I put the 2 windows side-by-side, so I can see how will it look like. The only problem is that I couldn't find how can I do CSS for the preview HTML file.

There are a couple extra things flymd has, like auto refresh and auto scroll, so if we have a long text, it will jump to a point where you are editing.

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